The importance of knowing your gear

As regular readers will know I’m not much of a ‘tech-head’ when it comes to camera gear. Whatever gear that a person happens to choose is simply that – a choice based on their specific needs. My basic belief is that small technical differences between gear are basically irrelevant. Every piece of camera gear comes with some sort of trade-off and as long as we consider those trade-offs in our decision process, we’ve done the best job we can selecting our equipment. What works for one person may not for the next. What is critical is the importance of knowing your gear, regardless of what it may be. Continue reading The importance of knowing your gear

Catlins Area School Restroom Art

If you have the opportunity to visit New Zealand one of the things that you will discover about the people is their engaged and creative approach to life. While in the Catlins area of the South Island my wife discovered a very unusual public restroom. The children at the Catlins Area School had decorated it with unique art pieces, each demonstrating aspects of New Zealand life. Continue reading Catlins Area School Restroom Art