100th Article on Photography Life

As some readers may know, I’ve been a regular contributor on Photography Life for a number of years. I recently achieved a personal goal with the publication of my 100th posting on Photography Life. Readers interested in seeing that article can use this link.

2 thoughts on “100th Article on Photography Life”

  1. Congratulations on achieving this remarkable goal. It is not an easy task to put together a few articles let alone 100 plus the many articles on your blog. I remember many of the pictures very fondly that you have posted with this 100th article. You have and remain an inspiration to many of us who read your articles and appreciate your keen eye for composition including the eclectic scenes with the shapes, converging lines and even the many number “sevens” that are revealed. For those like myself, who have had the privilege of meeting you and accompanying you on your photo adventures, it has been a terrific and enjoyable journey. Photography is not only educational, challenging and creative, it is often just great fun.
    Thanks for the experience!

    1. Hi Ray,
      Thank you very much for your kind words! I have also enjoyed our opportunities to capture some images together. I have benefited greatly from your knowledge of the area and the many photo opportunities they provide.

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