A Thank You to readers for their Nikon 1 lens suggestions

This is a short follow-up to thank the many readers who took the time to provide their suggestions for new Nikon 1 lenses. And, a special thank you to one of our readers, Dave Russell, for pro-actively summarizing all of the reader input and preparing an Excel spreadsheet.

Unlike some other websites where many readers make unrealistic suggestions on cameras and lens, I found that your input here was well-reasoned and quite realistic.

Your input tended to centre on three specific areas:

  1. Faster glass, including primes and zoom lenses.
  2. A native macro lens for Nikon 1.
  3. A longer-length zoom lens to further increase the reach of the Nikon 1 system for nature photography.

Many of you also made suggestions for a future Nikon 1 V4 with the most common input about the need for an integrated grip and EVF, as well as a return to standard SD memory cards.

I prepared a document that summarized all of your input, as well as providing all of your verbatim comments, and forwarded it to the senior executives at Nikon Canada.

I assume that, like most multi-national corporations, all new product design decisions are made at the corporate office, but operating divisions do have the opportunity to provide input for future product development.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide your valuable input!

5 thoughts on “A Thank You to readers for their Nikon 1 lens suggestions”

  1. Yes, Nikon listened to one of asking, a big aperture WA 18-50 zoom but unfortunately they fixed a box to it :-(. The should make it for AW 1 then explorers would be more then happy.

  2. Thanks Tom, let’s hope the contributions from everyone are seen as constructive input that results in some action from Nikon!

  3. I like the idea of an even longer telephoto, even though I have and love the CX 70-300. There is room for the desires of all! Nikon’s patent for a longer range zoom sounds pretty desirable.

  4. Lets hope Nikon will listen. And please no crazy suggestions of wide angle to super tele lens. 100-1000 would be a limit. Make V4 and 70-300 ( non extendable internal zoom and focus) seriously weatherproof and the topical jungle birders will be happy.

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