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Thomas Stirr is an author, executive coach, and photographer/videographer based in Grimsby Ontario Canada. He specializes in industrial photography, safety and corporate videos. His work also includes landscape and nature photography, and experimentation with photo art. Nikon Canada has featured Tom's work numerous times on Facebook and Twitter. To follow Thomas, please visit his website and his YouTube channel

Joint J6 and V4 Launch on the Horizon?

Speculating about what a camera manufacturer may do is always fun…but also a ‘shot in the dark’…kind of thing to do. A little over a month ago an interview done by Nikon executives in Japan received a lot of camera media coverage with the (translated from Japanese) statement “bringing in multiple mirrorless cameras at an early stage”. This was interpreted by many folks to mean that Nikon would be launching some larger sensor mirrorless cameras in the very near term. Perhaps a lot of wishful thinking is wrapped up in that interpretation. There could be another, simple way to interpret that translated statement. Continue reading Joint J6 and V4 Launch on the Horizon?

Ruggard Navigator 65 Camera Bag

It seems as photographers we always come up with a specific need that calls for yet another new camera bag. I’ve been doing a number of photography tours lately, with more planned in the future. This has caused me to add another bag to my kit. I needed a bag that could handle the typical camera gear I take when I travel as well as accommodate a 13″ notebook computer. After doing a bit of research I decided on the Ruggard Navigator 65 Camera Bag. Continue reading Ruggard Navigator 65 Camera Bag

Creating a Camera Buying Decision Matrix

Buying camera gear, especially for beginners and novices, or when considering “downsizing” one’s gear, can be a daunting task. One of the things that you can do to help make a well thought out decision is to create a camera buying decision matrix. What will be shared in this article is an adaptation of a technique that I have been using for a long time when doing business coaching. Continue reading Creating a Camera Buying Decision Matrix

Ruggard Memory Card Case for 12 SD Cards

While some of my camera bags have some small pockets in which to store memory cards these often are not large enough for my needs. When going on a more extensive photography-related trip or assignment I find I need more protective storage. I recently began using a Ruggard Memory Card Case which holds either 12 SD cards, or 12 micro-SD cards in their adapters. Continue reading Ruggard Memory Card Case for 12 SD Cards

The Negative Effects of Gear Elitism

Like many photographers I regularly meet people when I’m out capturing images who also enjoy photography. Often times people ask each other what gear they are using. I’m frequently surprised when I hear folks begin their answer with the phrase “I’m only using a…” It causes me to wonder how gear elitism may be affecting photography in general and the camera market in particular.  Continue reading The Negative Effects of Gear Elitism