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Thomas Stirr is an author, executive coach, and photographer/videographer based in Grimsby Ontario Canada. He specializes in industrial photography, safety and corporate videos. His work also includes landscape and nature photography, and experimentation with photo art. Nikon Canada has featured Tom’s work numerous times on Facebook and Twitter. To follow Thomas, please visit his website and his YouTube channel

Landscape Compositions at Burntcoat Head

The Bay of Fundy fills and empties 160 billion tons of water twice each day with the rise and fall of the tides. There are numerous places along the Bay of Fundy to capture some interesting images with Burntcoat Head being one of those ‘not to miss’ locations. My wife and I spent some time capturing some landscape compositions at Burntcoat Head during our recent visit to Nova Scotia. Continue reading Landscape Compositions at Burntcoat Head

Getting Off the Gear Replacement Merry-Go-Round

The fall is one of those times of year when camera and lens manufacturers tend to launch a spate of new products. Accompanying those releases are the inevitable reviews and a plethora of commentary (both pro and con) by pundits and readers alike on photographic web sites. Amidst all of this din and distraction it is often difficult to assess whether to buy new gear or not. Getting off the gear replacement merry-go-round can be much more difficult than it first appears. Continue reading Getting Off the Gear Replacement Merry-Go-Round