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Nikon DL dead in the water?

Many people have been wondering what’s happening with the Nikon DL product line. After being announced in February of 2016 the DLs have been rumoured to have run into some kind of quality or production issue, which has postponed their availability. This issue has been dragging on for a while now. Looking at recent CIPA data (October 2016) has me beginning to wonder if the Nikon DL line may be dead in the water due to changes in market conditions. Continue reading Nikon DL dead in the water?

DL replacing Nikon 1 appears illogical.

The launch of the Nikon DL series of cameras has caused a significant amount of angst among many Nikon 1 owners. Many internet chat rooms seem to be brimming with opinions on why the Nikon DL product line will replace the Nikon 1 system. Many of these viewpoints are expressed from a photographer’s perspective in terms of specific camera features and potential image quality. Putting all of that aside, if we look at recent CIPA statistics and market segmentation, the idea that the Nikon DL series will replace the Nikon 1 system appears illogical.

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Interchangeable lens market dynamics

This is the third (and possibly final article) in our short series that discusses various aspects of the digital camera market. I have an idea for an article that would describe the importance of various regional camera markets around the globe. Readers will need to let me know if they have any interest in such a piece. This article contains some CIPA information pertaining to interchangeable lens market dynamics.

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