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The value of friendship

By the time you read this brief posting, Nasim Mansurov will have advised Photography Life readers that due to my work pressures and a host of competing priorities I will be taking an extended sabbatical  at Photography Life. The timing of my potential return is unknown at this time. For as much as any of us try to cram in as much as we can every day, the time afforded each of us is the same. And, it is simply not enough to do everything that we want to do. Continue reading The value of friendship

Professional Development: A Different “Rule of Thirds”

As photographers who regularly visit photography web sites and blogs, we all seem to be driven by very personal commitments to learn new things and to improve. Over the years I’ve been using my own ‘rule of thirds’ – not as a composition technique – but as an approach to help me direct my own development efforts when it comes to photography. Continue reading Professional Development: A Different “Rule of Thirds”