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Hector’s Dolphins at Greymouth

During our most recent trip to New Zealand my wife and I spent a couple of days in Greymouth and we were thrilled to be able to capture a few images of Hector’s dolphins. These marine mammals are named after Sir James Hector, who was the curator of the Colonial Museum in Wellington (now Te Papa), and examined the first specimen found of the dolphin.  Continue reading Hector’s Dolphins at Greymouth

Hits and Misses at Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

Sometimes when we’re on a driving holiday we can motor past a location that gives us a quick glimpse of photographic potential. We’re then faced with a split second decision whether we should double back or not. This article shares some hits and misses captured in less than 15 minutes during a short visit at Cave Stream Scenic Reserve, one of our ‘double back’ locations in New Zealand. Continue reading Hits and Misses at Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

One of the stops we wanted to make during our most recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand was the lighthouse at Nugget Point. The weather cooperated, starting out a bit dark and menacing, then turning partially sunny. This article features a small selection of photographs, and discusses some composition considerations I took into account while photographing at Nugget Point. Continue reading Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

Sea Lions at Waipapa Point, New Zealand

Sometimes an impromptu exploration can lead to an unexpected reward. Such was the case when my wife suggested that we leave the main coastal road to photograph a small lighthouse along the southern coast of the South Island in New Zealand. What we discovered were some sea lions at Waipapa Point, giving us the opportunity to get up close and personal! Continue reading Sea Lions at Waipapa Point, New Zealand

Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

This short article features some images of a New Zealand fur seal and its pup, captured hand-held at Surat Bay New Zealand during our month-long March 2018 field trip. While I did photograph a few other specimen that were on this same stretch of beach, this mother and pup at Surat Bay were one of the highlights of our trip. Continue reading Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

Images from Colorado

While I’ve only spent limited time in Colorado, I was impressed with the photographic diversity that I experienced. This article shares a small selection of images from Colorado captured at Mesa Verde National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Garden of the Gods, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Continue reading Images from Colorado