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This short note is to advise readers that I will be making a change to my Copyright watermark on images used in future articles here and on Photography Life. Unfortunately hundreds of my images have recently become targets of piracy and Copyright infringement. To better protect my intellectual property rights my watermark will be larger and placed in a more prominent position on all future images posted online.

If you have posted any of your own images on Flicker, in articles, or in any other kind of public display you may want to read this recent article on Photography Life.

As suggested by Nasim Mansurov, if you discover that some of your images have been pirated, do respond directly to the offending website as you then may become the victim of phishing and hacking.

I apologize for any inconvenience that the changes to my Copyright watermark may cause in terms of your viewing experience of my articles, but it is important that I take appropriate steps to protect my intellectual property.

6 thoughts on “Change to my watermark”

  1. At one time I used a watermark that was my initials, in small and faded type, placed at a 45% angle, across the entire image in multiple rows. Anybody trying to remove that would have had a bummer of a time getting it out of the image. No way to crop it out. The image could still be viewed, not enjoyed fully, but usable for purposes of people being able to determine if they would like.

  2. Can you please write a short paragraph on constructing a watermark? I pretty much know to use the type tool, and the move tool and the opacity slider and how to use the keyboard shortcut for copyright (? alt0152 on keypad).


    1. Hi Dale,

      Thanks for the tip about the keyboard shortcut!

      The approach that I use may be be the optimal..but here’s a summary:

      I also use the type tool. In my case I use CS6.

      1) Click on the type tool on the sidebar menu “T” symbol with CS6 (I assume this is the same in Lightroom)
      2) Move your cursor over your image and click where you want your Copyright watermark to appear.
      3) Type out your watermark, typically stating Copyright, the year, and your name. E.g. Copyright 2016 Thomas Stirr. Adjust the font, boldness and size using the options available when the type tool is being used. If you want something larger than 72 px for your type, highlight the font size box and type in your desired font size (my new watermark will be 200 px). If the watermark needs to be moved, highlight all the type in your watermark then move it to the desired location on your image with your mouse.
      4) Some folks use ‘Overlay’ or another treatment under the ‘layers’ tab to adjust the look of the watermark
      5) Use the Opacity tool to make the watermark as prominent as you want.


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