Elora Photography Tour

Readers can use the link provided to view a new article that I wrote for Photography Life, Elora Photography Tour,

This article summarizes four earlier postings that have appeared on tomstirrphotography.com and features images from those articles. Folks looking for an interesting full day photography tour itinerary in Southern Ontario may find this Photography Life article of particular interest.

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2 thoughts on “Elora Photography Tour”

  1. Dear Thom, in my experience there is a huge advantage in having a tilting monitor such as with the J5 in terms of street photography, landscapes, portraits, family, children; perhaps in most categories except action and sports photography where the DSLR remains supreme. Sticking a camera in front of my face is a barrier to contact and affinity with the subject, even where the subject is the environment. A camera in front of my face is conspicuous as heck in street photography. It immediately suggests an invasion of privacy. Even when I’m overtly taking candid shots of groups, children, family, etc. it’s an advantage in rapport when I can look up at the subjects and maintain contact, even smile, as I press the shutter. Again, the exception would be action and sports photography where a viewfinder is essential. What are your views on this, particularly as it would apply to the J5?

    1. Hi David,

      In the past I was never a fan of cameras that did not have an EVF. Having been around cameras for over 40 years it is just natural for me to want to bring a camera up to my eye in order to create an image…force of habit I suppose.

      Having said that I must confess that I am getting quite used to composing from the rear screen of my J5’s. Like you, I think that the tilting rear screen is a wonderful feature. Not only does it help to reduce glare but it can aid in capturing images that would be very difficult to get otherwise. For example, I’ve taken a number of images holding a J5 high above my head with the screen at a 90-degree angle pointed down, and the camera tilted to help reduce wide angle distortions. The tilt screen has also been invaluable capturing subjects at ground level. I’ve been shooting with my J5’s as my primary cameras for landscape, street photography, flowers and macro-type images captured using extension tubes for a few weeks now and I really, really like them.

      As your comment points out, not having an EVF is problematic when shooting action subjects such as sports or birds-in-flight. Related issues specific with the J5 are a small buffer that is very slow to clear, and also the fact that the AF-C isn’t quite a snappy as that of my V2’s.


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