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Nikon 1 J5 Reptile Images

Reptiles can make fascinating photography subjects. Their prehistoric appearance and highly detailed skin can be quite amazing. When on holidays in warmer locations I do enjoy capturing images of wild reptiles. Of course one needs to be careful in such environments as many species are venomous.

For most of us, visiting a zoo can provide photographic opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. During a recent visit to the Metro Toronto Zoo I used one of my Nikon 1 J5’s to capture some reptile images. Continue reading Nikon 1 J5 Reptile Images

Orangutan Portraits

My wife and I go to the Metro Toronto Zoo once a year and our favourite exhibit is the orangutans. Even though I know capturing any usable images will be a challenge I always take my camera gear.

Once we arrive at the orangutan exhibit, the glass on the enclosure is always dirtier than I remember it from the previous year. The glares always more plentiful. And, the opportunities to get a decent view always fewer than my memory told me they were.

This year I mounted my 1 Nikon CX 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 on one of my Nikon 1 J5’s, hoping that the extra resolution and improved sensor performance would help yield some decent images. What follows are a few orangutan portraits. Continue reading Orangutan Portraits

Nikon 1 J5 at high ISO

Without question photographers who depend on excellent low light performance from their gear are best served by full frame cameras. Many of us mainly shoot under good lighting conditions and we only periodically challenge our cameras by shooting in low light situations. I recently purchased a Nikon 1 J5 and wanted to put it to the test. So, earlier today I went out to Bird Kingdom to try my Nikon 1 J5 shooting at high ISO. Continue reading Nikon 1 J5 at high ISO