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Working with Feather Details in Post

Many people enjoy bird photography for a range of reasons. Some folks like exploring nature, finding and photographing birds in the wild. Others love the challenge of capturing birds-in-flight. And, some of us enjoy getting in close and personal, capturing the intricate beauty of birds. Regardless of our orientation to bird photography, most of us spend time working with feather details in post, as it can greatly enhance our bird images. Continue reading Working with Feather Details in Post

Working with a Sample Landscape Image in Post

Over the past while a number of readers have expressed an interest in seeing more information that deals with post processing. Many readers were looking for some details on how I combine the use of DxO PhotoLab, CS6 and the Nik Collection. While there was insufficient interest to create a dedicated eBook on the subject, we will be producing a few articles to outline the basic post processing approaches we take with various subject matter. This article discusses the various steps I took working with a sample landscape image. Continue reading Working with a Sample Landscape Image in Post