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Halloween Diorama

The first stop during our recent extended photography tour was the town of Frankenmuth Michigan. My wife specifically wanted to visit Bronner’s, which is known as the world’s largest Christmas store. While she had an very enjoyable time browsing and shopping, I had the chance to use my Deluxe Vello Extension Tubes for Nikon 1┬áto photograph a Halloween diorama that was on display at the store. Continue reading Halloween Diorama

Vello Deluxe Extension Tubes for Nikon 1 Review

As many readers will know I did a review on the Econo Vello Extension Tubes for Nikon 1 some time ago. While the auto-focusing with the tubes worked without any issues, the Econo tubes have a plastic lens mount which was prone to cracking and breaking. I recently had the chance to test the Vello Deluxe Extension Tubes for Nikon 1. Continue reading Vello Deluxe Extension Tubes for Nikon 1 Review

Images of Butterflies Feeding

I recently purchased a set of Movo extension tubes for Nikon 1 and I went out today to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory to do a bit of fieldwork for my corresponding review. In the process of doing that work I was able to capture some unusual images that I thought I’d share with readers in advance of my extension tube review.

As many of you know I like to push things a bit from time to time and after a bit of shooting at the Conservatory I decided to link all three Movo Extension tubes together (10mm, 16mm, 21mm) to see what would happen. Well…it ended up being quite an interesting couple of hours and I was able to capture a few images of butterflies feeding. Continue reading Images of Butterflies Feeding