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Landscape Photography Considerations

Before launching into this article I’d like to thank one of our readers, Srikanth, for his recent comment on my The Power of Simplicity article which served as the spark for this posting. This article discusses some simple landscape photography considerations that you can keep in mind which may help you create better quality images. This posting also raises some other things to consider when shooting landscape images with cameras of different sensor sizes.  Continue reading Landscape Photography Considerations

OpticsPro 11 Presets with Landscape Images

Post processing can be an intimidating adventure for a lot of folks who are used to shooting jpegs. This article shows a range of ‘single click’ presets that are available in OpticsPro 11 to demonstrate the effect that they can have on an image. I assume that other photographic software also includes some standard presets. Continue reading OpticsPro 11 Presets with Landscape Images