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Listening to my little voice

I’m not sure how many other people have a ‘connection’ to a source of intuition and such. I’ve had a ‘little voice’ that has helped to guide my life for over 4 decades. Sometimes the messages I get are quite serious, like the one that allowed me to avoid what could have been a life-ending car accident some 30 years ago. Others, like the one I got today, lead to far less serious but enjoyable consequences. Continue reading Listening to my little voice

Take a pass on a new Nikon 1 V-Series?

For a number of weeks now, some of my contacts in the Canadian commercial photography business have been telling me that they are hearing that Nikon will be making a number of very major announcements this fall. While no one knows for sure what that may entail, many contacts are expecting new APS-C and full frame mirror-less bodies from Nikon. Whether an updated Nikon 1 V-series is in the cards or not is still anyone’s guess. By the fall of 2016 it will have been over 2 1/2 years since the V3 was announced. Many Nikon 1 owners have been getting frustrated waiting. This causes me to wonder whether a lot of previous Nikon 1 owners will take a pass on an updated Nikon 1 V model even if one is introduced. Continue reading Take a pass on a new Nikon 1 V-Series?