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Thomas Stirr is an author, executive coach, and photographer/videographer based in Grimsby Ontario Canada. He specializes in industrial photography, safety and corporate videos. His work also includes landscape and nature photography, and experimentation with photo art. Nikon Canada has featured Tom's work numerous times on Facebook and Twitter. To follow Thomas, please visit his website and his YouTube channel

Photographing Hummingbirds Near Feeders

Hummingbirds are one of my favourite birds to photograph. In Southern Ontario we are only treated to visits from these ‘pocket rockets’ for a few months of the year. While it is ideal to find and photograph hummingbirds around flowers, opportunities tend to be fairly rare – especially in my backyard. As the season is quickly drawing to a close, I thought it would be fun to post an article about photographing hummingbirds near feeders, as this is where the majority of images are captured by many photographers. Continue reading Photographing Hummingbirds Near Feeders

Using Slow Shutter Speeds to Photograph Wild Birds Handheld

Readers who enjoy bird photography can attest to the fact that many people go out early in the morning to capture their images. This can be a challenge, especially when using a camera with a smaller sensor, as higher ISO values are often used during this time of day. This article shares a few images and discusses using slow shutter speeds to photograph wild birds handheld. Continue reading Using Slow Shutter Speeds to Photograph Wild Birds Handheld

A Bit of Patience Can Pay Dividends

When we’re out photographing birds-in-flight it can sometimes be a challenge to decide when to press the shutter to activate an AF-C run. This is especially true if our camera has a limited buffer size. Having some self-discipline and a bit of patience can pay dividends. This article features an AF-C run of 22 consecutive images showing an egret landing on a branch. To put the images in context… Continue reading A Bit of Patience Can Pay Dividends

Great Blue Heron Interspecies Aggression

On Labour Day (Sept 3) I took some time out of my schedule to visit the Hendrie Valley Sanctuary to do some bird photography. As I studied various species of birds I decided to move closer to a great blue heron and a group of Canada geese. This short article shares some images of great blue heron interspecies aggression. Continue reading Great Blue Heron Interspecies Aggression

Wing Positions Can Add Drama

Bird photography can become somewhat of an addictive pastime for a number of reasons. One never knows what photographic opportunity Mother Nature will provide, and once presented, if we will be up to the task of capturing it. Many of us regularly go out to photograph birds even though we may already have thousands of images of a particular species. What keeps us coming back is the anticipation that our next image may capture something special, different, or better, than during our last outing. This short article shares some images that (hopefully) demonstrate that wing positions can add drama to our bird photographs. Continue reading Wing Positions Can Add Drama

Simple Composition Technique to Reduce Wide Angle Distortions

One of my recent client assignments was to photograph a heritage building that was constructed in 1879. The building has been lovingly restored and is now used as a longer stay guest house. Photographing the inside rooms of this property presented a couple of interesting challenges. These included quite poor lighting and the need to shoot using a wide angle lens. While photographing this property, it occurred to me that some readers may be interested in an article that shares a very simple composition technique to reduce wide angle distortions. Continue reading Simple Composition Technique to Reduce Wide Angle Distortions