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North Island Bird Photography

The past few weeks have been an absolute blur. I’ve been busy updating this website, making changes to my YouTube channel, and putting in some long hours working on my upcoming bird photography eBook. This article features a selection of New Zealand North Island bird photography images that I captured hand-held during our most recent trip. I did the best I could identifying the species in the photographs featured in this article. If any readers notice any incorrect bird identifications, please feel free to correct me as needed!

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When Photographing Birds at 60 FPS Becomes the New Normal on PL

As regular readers will know I’ve been spending a lot of time during the past 5 months photography birds for my upcoming eBook. Our friends at Photography Life have just published a new article that I wrote the website, “When Photographing Birds at 60 FPS Becomes the New Normal.” Continue reading When Photographing Birds at 60 FPS Becomes the New Normal on PL

Attempted Fish Theft Captured at 60 Frames Per Second

The conditions for bird photography were less than ideal today with grey, overcast skies and blustery winds. Since the bird migration season is underway I decided to grab a couple of cameras and head off to the Hendrie Valley Sanctuary anyway, just to see what opportunities I could find. I noticed a couple of gulls bickering over a dead fish and watched them intently, thinking that something noteworthy may occur. This article features 40 consecutive photographs of an attempted fish theft captured at 60 frames per second. Continue reading Attempted Fish Theft Captured at 60 Frames Per Second

Photographing Hummingbirds Near Feeders

Hummingbirds are one of my favourite birds to photograph. In Southern Ontario we are only treated to visits from these ‘pocket rockets’ for a few months of the year. While it is ideal to find and photograph hummingbirds around flowers, opportunities tend to be fairly rare – especially in my backyard. As the season is quickly drawing to a close, I thought it would be fun to post an article about photographing hummingbirds near feeders, as this is where the majority of images are captured by many photographers. Continue reading Photographing Hummingbirds Near Feeders

A Bit of Patience Can Pay Dividends

When we’re out photographing birds-in-flight it can sometimes be a challenge to decide when to press the shutter to activate an AF-C run. This is especially true if our camera has a limited buffer size. Having some self-discipline and a bit of patience can pay dividends. This article features an AF-C run of 22 consecutive images showing an egret landing on a branch. To put the images in context… Continue reading A Bit of Patience Can Pay Dividends