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After a Catastrophic Event

It can be a revealing exercise to consider a catastrophic event happening. Let’s define that as one that is photographic in nature. For example, imagine all of your camera gear getting lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. Each of us would suddenly go from having our photographic needs met by our current gear… to having to start over and build a new kit from scratch. Deciding what we would do after a catastrophic event isn’t as easy as it first appears. A number of factors come into play when starting from ‘ground zero’ again.

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Assessing Camera Gear Differences

Whenever there is a major camera or imaging show happening, or when a number of new pieces of gear are introduced, I tend to get more emails from readers. The common question raised is “Should I upgrade my gear?” Assessing camera gear differences can be difficult. It seems to me that the vast majority of differences with which we concern ourselves are marginal at best. Truly meaningful differences are few and far between. Those differences are the ones that may justify us opening up our wallets… beyond just being affected by GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

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What Makes Us Better Photographers?

It is always an interesting process to go back and review old photographs. Over the past year or so I’ve reviewed tens of thousands of my images as I searched for photographs to include in various eBook projects. Throughout these image review sessions I often found myself asking the question, “What was I thinking?” as I pressed the delete key. The many hours spent in front of my computer screens reviewing old images has culminated in one, simple question. What makes us better photographers? Continue reading What Makes Us Better Photographers?

Waiting for Ideal Photographic Conditions May be Detrimental

Within the context of my business I meet quite a few people. As could be expected, discussions about various approaches to  photography often ensue. Each of us makes decisions about photography, and our lives, based on our experience and philosophy. This article discusses why waiting for ideal photographic conditions may be detrimental. Continue reading Waiting for Ideal Photographic Conditions May be Detrimental

Why Keeping Existing Camera Gear Can Make Sense

Major camera shows bring a plethora of new product introductions, and the accompanying ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’ commentary on many photography sites. All of this stokes gear acquisition syndrome in us, as it is always tempting to buy new equipment. This article discusses why keeping your existing camera gear can make sense. Continue reading Why Keeping Existing Camera Gear Can Make Sense