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Ignore ‘Must Have’ Gear Advice

Like most photographers I’ve experienced bouts of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), with some of it induced by listening to the advice of others. I don’t know what your experiences have been. Mine have led me to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do is to simply ignore ‘must have’ gear advice from others, each and every time I hear it. Continue reading Ignore ‘Must Have’ Gear Advice

Take a pass on a new Nikon 1 V-Series?

For a number of weeks now, some of my contacts in the Canadian commercial photography business have been telling me that they are hearing that Nikon will be making a number of very major announcements this fall. While no one knows for sure what that may entail, many contacts are expecting new APS-C and full frame mirror-less bodies from Nikon. Whether an updated Nikon 1 V-series is in the cards or not is still anyone’s guess. By the fall of 2016 it will have been over 2 1/2 years since the V3 was announced. Many Nikon 1 owners have been getting frustrated waiting. This causes me to wonder whether a lot of previous Nikon 1 owners will take a pass on an updated Nikon 1 V model even if one is introduced. Continue reading Take a pass on a new Nikon 1 V-Series?

Manufacturer and measured ISO

When a new camera model is introduced many photographers pour over its specifications looking for technical advancements. One aspect that draws a lot of attention is the range of ISO settings that are available.  Seeing ever-increasing native ISO-settings looks great. But, is your camera actually shooting RAW files at the ISO you set? The differences between manufacturer-stated ISO and measured ISO may surprise you. Continue reading Manufacturer and measured ISO