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Niagara Gorge Forest Walk

The Niagara Gorge runs for about 11 kilometres (~6.8 miles) along the Canada/United States border. On the Canadian side, there are a few trails along the gorge that allow hikers to get reasonably close to the Niagara River. One of those trails leads to the Niagara Whirlpool. This article shares a few photographs captured during a recent hike on this trail. Continue reading Niagara Gorge Forest Walk

Evening Colours at Niagara Falls

During our travels, my wife and I often meet folks from other parts of the world. One of the things that we always find interesting is the number of people we meet that list seeing Niagara Falls as one of their travel objectives. For us, this part of Southern Ontario is only a 40 minute drive away. This short article features a selection of photographs that depict some of the evening colours at Niagara Falls. Continue reading Evening Colours at Niagara Falls

Working with a Sample Landscape Image in Post

Over the past while a number of readers have expressed an interest in seeing more information that deals with post processing. Many readers were looking for some details on how I combine the use of DxO PhotoLab, CS6 and the Nik Collection. While there was insufficient interest to create a dedicated eBook on the subject, we will be producing a few articles to outline the basic post processing approaches we take with various subject matter. This article discusses the various steps I took working with a sample landscape image. Continue reading Working with a Sample Landscape Image in Post

Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

One of the stops we wanted to make during our most recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand was the lighthouse at Nugget Point. The weather cooperated, starting out a bit dark and menacing, then turning partially sunny. This article features a small selection of photographs, and discusses some composition considerations I took into account while photographing at Nugget Point. Continue reading Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

Working With Dull Winter Scenes in Post

A number of days ago I decided to take a break from some client video work and a couple of eBook projects on which I’ve been working. I ended up on the shores of Lake Ontario on a cold morning, composing some photographs. After spending a bit of time processing a few of those images I thought I’d share some quick thoughts about working with dull winter scenes in post. Continue reading Working With Dull Winter Scenes in Post

Late Fall River Scenes at Wilkes Dam

There are some times of the year in Southern Ontario that tend to make it difficult to find some motivation to do landscape photography. Early December is one of those times. The leaves are down and everything can seem seem drab and lifeless. Yesterday morning it was bright and calm. I took the opportunity to capture some late fall river scenes at Wilkes Dam in Brantford. Continue reading Late Fall River Scenes at Wilkes Dam

A Morning Visit to Louisbourg Lighthouse Point Park

While I certainly appreciate the benefits of capturing images during the ‘magic hour’, I very rarely get up early in the morning to specifically do so. During our recent Nova Scotia photography tour I did plan a morning visit to Louisbourg Lighthouse Point Park. Continue reading A Morning Visit to Louisbourg Lighthouse Point Park