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Benefits of Catch-as-Catch-Can Travel Photography

As photographers we may have different views on how to approach travel photography. Some folks like to allow multiple days to photograph key locations. This increases their chances of having ideal conditions. No doubt this can contribute to some truly spectacular photographs. It’s likely that this level of photographic quality wouldn’t have been possible if lighting and weather had been left to chance. A completely different approach is to purposely allow oneself to be at the mercy of Mother Nature’s whims. This article discusses the benefits of ‘catch-as-catch-can’ travel photography.

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Construction En Route to Kaikoura

This short article shares some images of construction en route to Kaikoura New Zealand. Sometimes conditions dictate unusual shooting conditions – like photographing one handed while driving. While our photographs may not be stellar in these situations, the life memories they help preserve for us can be priceless. Continue reading Construction En Route to Kaikoura

Travel Photography with a Kit Zoom Lens

Sometimes when we buy a camera, a standard kit zoom lens is included in the package. The quality of these lenses can vary quite a bit and some folks rarely, if ever, use them. This article features a selection of images captured by my wife during our last trip to New Zealand. All of her images were taken hand-held with a Nikon 1 V3 equipped with a 1 Nikkor 10-30 mm f/3.5-5.6 PD kit zoom lens. Continue reading Travel Photography with a Kit Zoom Lens

North Island Bird Photography

The past few weeks have been an absolute blur. I’ve been busy updating this website, making changes to my YouTube channel, and putting in some long hours working on my upcoming bird photography eBook. This article features a selection of New Zealand North Island bird photography images that I captured hand-held during our most recent trip. I did the best I could identifying the species in the photographs featured in this article. If any readers notice any incorrect bird identifications, please feel free to correct me as needed!

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