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Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

One of the stops we wanted to make during our most recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand was the lighthouse at Nugget Point. The weather cooperated, starting out a bit dark and menacing, then turning partially sunny. This article features a small selection of photographs, and discusses some composition considerations I took into account while photographing at Nugget Point. Continue reading Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

Sea Lions at Waipapa Point, New Zealand

Sometimes an impromptu exploration can lead to an unexpected reward. Such was the case when my wife suggested that we leave the main coastal road to photograph a small lighthouse along the southern coast of the South Island in New Zealand. What we discovered were some sea lions at Waipapa Point, giving us the opportunity to get up close and personal! Continue reading Sea Lions at Waipapa Point, New Zealand

Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

This short article features some images of a New Zealand fur seal and its pup, captured hand-held at Surat Bay New Zealand during our month-long March 2018 field trip. While I did photograph a few other specimen that were on this same stretch of beach, this mother and pup at Surat Bay were one of the highlights of our trip. Continue reading Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

Relax…it’s just a camera

As major photography shows draw near many photographers seem to get an extra dose of GAS in their bodies as they ponder what may, or may not, be introduced by their brand of choice. I received a number of emails over the past couple of weeks with the most common question being, “What will you do if the Nikon 1 system is discontinued?” After thinking about it for a few minutes my reply was quite simple, “Relax…it’s just a camera.” Continue reading Relax…it’s just a camera

Catlins Area School Restroom Art

If you have the opportunity to visit New Zealand one of the things that you will discover about the people is their engaged and creative approach to life. While in the Catlins area of the South Island my wife discovered a very unusual public restroom. The children at the Catlins Area School had decorated it with unique art pieces, each demonstrating aspects of New Zealand life. Continue reading Catlins Area School Restroom Art