DL prospects look better

I had a quick look at CIPA statistics today which now include November 2016. Over the past three months there has been a bit of a recovery in the fixed lens camera market. As a result Nikon DL prospects look better than they did a few months ago. Starting in May 2016 the fixed lens camera market was in decline right up to August. The past three months has shown some recovery in overall market shipment volume in this camera segment:

2016 fixed lens camera market unit shipments:
January: 1,108,671
February: 985,435
March: 1,160,521
April: 1,336,058
May: 900,310
June: 767,000
July: 703,006
August: 680,721
September: 939,923
October: 1,243,552
November: 1,358,692

It is interesting to note that November 2016 is the first time in 3 years that this camera segment has shown a shipment volume increase in the month of November. If this very modest recovery continues it could bode well for the eventual availability of the Nikon DL series of cameras.

All is not rosy of course. The fixed lens market is still significantly below what it has been the past couple of years. Whether the market is large enough for Nikon to proceed with the DL line-up of cameras is still anyone’s guess.

The interchangeable lens camera market is still running behind 2014 and 2015 levels but there is also some recovery underway. Unit shipment volumes in September, October and November have been the highest in 2016.

Interchangeable lens camera market unit shipments:
January: 791,416
February: 719,146
March: 1,054,147
April: 961,630
May: 758,043
June: 852,311
July: 913,822
August: 903,456
September: 1,114,114
October: 1,232,055
November: 1,243,100

Shipments during the past three months have been running at about 95% of 2015 or better, with November coming in 99.8% of 2015. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in December and on into 2017.

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4 thoughts on “DL prospects look better”

  1. I’m very curious that no one mentions that their sensor supplier’s factory was wiped out in the early 2016 earthquake. It also affects Sony as well, I believe. The damage was major. It’s a fluid situation of recovery. I truly believe that they want the product out there making money but are having to prioritize. I too have been waiting but am running out of time. I really hope they get these on the shelf soon.

    1. Hi KAR,
      Thanks for adding to the discussion! The earthquake you referenced had a major impact and as you mention, various manufacturers have had to adjust their strategies and reset priorities. Apparently the DLs also faced some quality issues which further delayed the availability. Whether Nikon has also been holding off because of overall volume declines in the fixed lens camera market is speculation on my part as I have no direct insight from Nikon in this regard.

  2. They had some great sales/incentives for November and December. Those have, in most if not all cases, expired at the end of December. I would project January 2017 to be flat. Of course that is nothing more than a S.W.A.G. on my part.

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