Nikon 1 system to continue

Some recent interviews have been done with Nikon executives and the subject of the future of the Nikon 1 system has come up.

In an interview with, Dirk Jasper from Nikon stated that the company is very happy with the Nikon 1 J5 camera, claiming that in Europe the Nikon 1 J5 is capturing between 2% and 10% market share depending on the country.

In another interview done by PhotographyBlog with Dirk Jasper and Jordi Brinkman of Nikon Europe, the Nikon executives confirmed that the Nikon 1 system will be continuing:

“The Nikon 1 system will definitely still be around in the future – there are no plans to withdraw it from the market, as you can tell by our stand which has a large Nikon 1 area. The Nikon 1 J5 camera is selling really well, allowing us to achieve up to 10% share with just one camera model in some European countries. Again, the smaller sensor size gives the Nikon 1 system some key advantages when compared to larger sensor cameras.”

So, it would appear that logic has won out and the Nikon 1 system will be around for some time to come. Great news for all of us that love the Nikon 1 system!

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42 thoughts on “Nikon 1 system to continue”

  1. So Nikon this week officially Killed/discontinued the Nikon 1. I am not stating this as some sort of “troll-bragging rights” – but as a point of reflection of how much we want to believe in a brand or a material thing when the reality has been giving hints this pretty much inevitably going to happen.

    I am curious what they do next but sure likes their first mirrorless will be Full Frames.

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      Yes, there is finally clarity about the Nikon 1 system. The article on which you commented is almost two years old. At the time that the article was written the prevalent rumours were that the Nikon 1 was going to be cancelled within the next month or two. So, the system lasted for almost two years past those rumours.

      Much has happened to the camera market during that period with volumes continuing to decline, especially in the fixed lens camera market. Additionally Nikon implemented a different strategic direction in terms of focusing on ‘high value’, i.e. more expensive, cameras. I think that change in strategic direction was the turning point for the Nikon 1 system.

      From what I’ve read I think Nikon will push hard in the full frame mirrorless segment and go after Sony directly. If Nikon can get the volume it wants with full frame I’m not sure how much effort they will put into cropped sensor mirrorless cameras in the future.


      1. The system didn’t last two years- Nikon strung along everyone just like Olympus did with 4/3rds when the writing was on the wall. Some people believed it would be discontinued in 2-3 months, some people simply believed it was let it go-die.

        The later is how a lot of companies like to do it (Olympus, Nikon) because it keeps people waiting and hoping on the brand to resolve something.

        I agree that if Nikon is going full steam on FF (which it seems they are), it seems unlikely they will put any efforts in cropped sensors. My guess is that they have the door open for a DX mirrorless system, but only enact once they got their FF established.

        1. Hi Ricardo,

          It will be interesting to see what Nikon does with its mirrorless camera products given its new strategy to focus on ‘high value’ cameras. Many of Nikon executives had been making comments about full frame being a necessity for quite some time, without any mentions of a DX product. The potential for a DX mirrorless camera will likely depend on whether Nikon decides that it can make sufficient margin on that type of camera to warrant its development. If the camera market continues to decline as it has been since 2012, all of the manufacturers will have some difficult decisions to make about their product portfolios. Some may need to decide whether to even stay in the camera business.


  2. The May, 2017 Practical Photography has the following rumor probable for 2017.

    Nikon 1 reboot:
    With the recent
    CSC surge, coupled
    with the DL range
    cancellation, Nikon
    must be tempted to
    reboot its range. We’d
    expect the new compact
    interchangeable-lens camera
    to feature a new in-house
    24MP sensor, improved EVF
    and touchscreen controls, as
    well as 4K video and enhanced
    dynamic range to bring it in
    line with the Canon M series.
    We’d also expect to see a new
    lens line-up announced, to help
    pave the way for a brand new
    Nikon 1 range.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for adding to the discussion! Lots of speculation about where Nikon may go with Nikon 1 and other potential mirrorless cameras. Time, as always, will reveal all!

  3. Should Nikon upkeep their decision to continue Nikon 1 line, the next V4-5 cam should build on Olympus-Panasonic selling points. Super fast shooting in raw in 4 to 16K resolution, fast AF tracking, effective stabilisation, luminous compact 70-200, 200-600 (eq ) zooms, shortly live nature and sport combo in small package. Another line as I often said is filling the void for interchangeable lens really element proof adventure camera build on AW concept but with more solid waterproofing and of course a fast 16-35 (eq) to go with it.

    1. Great news, Tom. thanks for passing on this information.
      await developments.
      I just discovered the debates on ccd v. cmos sensors.

      I have noticed the ‘ccd look’ on some of the older cameras I have. which is film-like.
      iz is well.discussed that the first generation aptina 10mp cmos sensor also has this look, it has. the slight graininess of files is pleasing to my eye. so , this characteristic can be acheived in cmos designs.

      I you use v2s’ and j5s’. the latter having bsl cmos. have you got any thoughts on this? I know that, technically, cmos are likely to measure betterthan a ccd, of similar sensor size and mp count.
      asking for graininess in a future camera’s output/files, may seem retrogressive, especiallyas it can be acheived in post. I am not so sure about that. Best wishes Allan Crook

      1. Hi Allan,

        Thanks for adding your perspectives to the discussion! One of the great things about photography is that it allows each of us our specific preferences.

        I’ve never been a pixel peeper so I’ve never paid that much attention to the graininess of an image. I’ve never gone out of my way to add a ‘film grain’ look to my images.

        I run all of my Nikon 1 images through DxO Prime noise reduction regardless of the ISO at which they were captured…so I’m not the best person to add anything to the ‘ccd look’ debate.


        1. ‘as Hi Tom,

          Related posts: addendum, I would like to point out the following attribution has appeared under the images of proposed larger sensor mirrorless nikonPictures of Nikon (nikonrumours site):

          mirrorless camera concept created by NikonRumors reader Al.

          the ‘Al’ in question is not me!

          Related posts:

    2. Hi Stanislaw,

      The Nikon 1 AW was an interesting concept that unfortunately does not appear to be as well executed by Nikon as it could have been from a water-proofing standpoint. Whether the AW remains in the Nikon 1 line-up remains to be seen I suppose.


  4. the only way to convince the nikon 1 is alive is by announcing a new lens for Nikon 1. a fisheye, or fast wide lens or something.

    1. Hi Nick,

      That is certainly one way of looking at things, and many other readers would agree with you. From my perspective the current line-up of Nikon 1 lenses that is available meets my needs pretty well.


  5. “Nikon 1 is still alive, larger sensor mirrorless solution is being considered.”
    Excellent !
    If it hadn’t been for you Thomas, the Nikon decision might have gone the other way. Nice work !

  6. I will never cease to amaze me how people will take rumors at face value, while at the same time disregarding official statements. That being said, it is impossible to deny that Nikons focus has been elsewhere for a while now. The 1-system seems to be all but forgotten.

    My take on that? I don’t think they really know what to do with this system at all. It could go several different ways too, one of which would be Nikon 1 only for casual shooters, with the V-models dropped. God, I hope I am wrong, but could that be why?

    1. Hi janmaaso,
      I think most folks would agree with you that Nikon seems to have floundering for quite some time with the Nikon 1 system. The J5 appears to be a significant and positive upgrade from the J4 and apparently Nikon has seen positive sales as a result. We can only hope that the company is doing the same, thorough upgrade with a future V-Series.

  7. As far as N1 system, I will believe it when I see it (new products). Otherwise, in my humble opinion, Nikon execs are just blowing smoke. Talk is cheap, and they can always say that “Due to changes in circumstances and markets, the Nikon 1 system has been discontinued. We appreciate all the past purchases made by our customers, and believe that the new product line (DL?) will be a more viable product in the future, both for the consumer and Nikon.” Of course, I am not an experienced market spokesperson, so my phrasing may not be exact.

  8. I’d like to point out that Nikon was very careful in how they phrased their answer to the questions of the Nikon 1 future: “we won’t withdraw it from the market.”

    This is not the same as saying “we will continue to develop it.”

    I took the comments to mean something different than the rest of you are: that the J5 will continue to be sold for as long as it continues to sell. Given the DL delays, that will probably be right up to February 2017 or so…

    Until I see something that says “we’re still developing new N1 products” or new products actually appear, I think we’re witnessing an end game here. I’d love to be proven wrong on this, but I’ve dealt with the same Nikon execs in the past, and I’m not buying the nuanced answers as meaning more than they actually indicate.

    1. Hi Thom,

      The quote from the Nikon execs simply states…

      “The Nikon 1 system will definitely still be around in the future – there are no plans to withdraw it from the market, as you can tell by our stand which has a large Nikon 1 area. The Nikon 1 J5 camera is selling really well, allowing us to achieve up to 10% share with just one camera model in some European countries. Again, the smaller sensor size gives the Nikon 1 system some key advantages when compared to larger sensor cameras.”

      Everyone can have their own interpretation of what that quote means of course. Mine is quite simple…I take what the Nikon execs have said at face value, that being that Nikon 1 will definitely still be around in the future. The J5 is selling really well and generating good market share with that one model in many European countries. Nikon recognizes that the smaller sensor in Nikon 1 cameras has some key advantages when compared to larger sensor cameras.

      My short article does not make any other assumptions or interpretations about what the quote means. Time will reveal what will ultimately happen with Nikon 1 in the longer term.


      1. Like Tom I would be very careful with being too optimistic here. Just because you have a camera display doesn’t mean support either- it can be a marketing save face move- like Olympus did when switching 4/3’rds off as they went into m43rds to not scare the user base.

        Just ask yourself why on Earth would Nikon. USA the opportunity to show new Nikon 1 product at the. Ingest camera hardware show on Earth that comes in every two years.

        Also why the Nikon 1 system is virtually disappearing more and more from big camera retailers that carry Nikon both in USA and EU.

        What I do think is that they will have some sort of offer or transition plan of sorts to Nikon 1 owners when the possibility comes of a real switch with no opportunity to cover it up anymore – but until new lenses and new bodies come out the system is in limbo.

        And all the answers you are quoting there can definitively be true as in the J5 continues to sell, no new dev and eventually the taper off.

        Now. This is better than nothing. But they showed nothing at photokina that demonstrates real commitment to the system.

        1. Hi Ricardo,

          *shrugs* what will be will be. Yes…I am optimistic and I may end up being wrong…it won’t be the first time in my life…lol. As far as Nikon 1 goes, it is still my system of choice and I will continue using my kit for many years to come.


          1. Please don’t get me wrong. I look at this from the point of view of trying to find truth in it. I just like to see what seems to be reality and not be carried away by what I want to believe, as past experience has taught me that’s not very desirable.

            If for example a major break through happened and Panasonic doesn’t update the GM line further (which apparently they won’t) or come out with a similar small compact, eventually – if Nikon 1 still exists, I would become a main Nikon 1 customer again. I hold no alliances to companies.

            Certainly if you enjoy the Nikon 1 it doesn’t matter what comes out or not. For example- I bought the Gm5 knowing it was discontinued and stuck with it now knowing Panasonic apparently has killed at least for now if not ever the line.

            So yeah.

  9. Good news indeed. I must understand that I must be an exception in nearly every realm of the N1 system line. The J5 was NOT impressive to me – except for the IQ.

    I was one of the few who also love(d) the v3 a brilliant piece of gear for me.

    I just wonder what next gen “V” looks like.


    1. Hi Mike,
      As we’ve discussed offline in the past, the configuration of the V3 just didn’t work for me from a business standpoint. I would imagine that if Nikon would have used the 20.8MP BSI sensor in the V3 sales would have been quite a bit higher. I hope Nikon spends the time necessary to get a V4/V5 ‘right’. I happen to love shooting with the J5 and I think it is a big leap forward from the J4. If Nikon can make the same leap forward with a future V-series I think the system will gain more market acceptance.

  10. Well at least they didn’t come right out with it, and dash our hopes. As in “We are discontinuing the N1 as of today! ”
    So we will continue to live in anticipation of a worthwhile replacement fo the V3.

    I’ve spent the past couple of months working with the V3 and the 70-300mm as my main birding combo. While it has some limitations, and frankly, I’ve learned to live with most of them, being able to pack such a powerhouse into my jacket pocket has been such a relief to my poor old aching shoulders.

    It might have been a bit more encouraging annoucement if they had at least pointed to new addtions to the system. A couple of prime lenses with nice fast glass would be a good start.

    Hope springs eternal.

    1. Hi David,
      I agree that if more complete statements were made it would have been a more positive endorsement about the future of Nikon 1. The way that I’m looking at it is simply after months and months of silence some Nikon executives have made their first public and positive statements about the system. The fact that the J5 is selling very well in Europe is an important factor since this market is the largest global market for digital cameras by a fair margin so far in 2016 (January to July sales).

  11. As someone who uses the Nikon 1 system, I hope they continue with some meaningful releases.

    I’m just not sure the next V body, should there be one, will be what we want.

  12. I tend to agree with Bill Johnston, Jr.
    Even in the past Dirk Jasper was optimistic about the Nikon 1 without an actual market feedback. The presence of the only Nikon 1 J5 – assuming it is still in production – not confirm at all what was said in those two interviews during a fair as a great as the Photokina. However, an event where in the past Nikon presented amazing items like 2000mm F11 but this time we went with the virtual reality of KeyMission only.
    The KeyMission will be the next Nikon failure?
    [A premise. I’m Nikonist for 30 years, I own D5, D500 and D810. With V3 and 70-300 I made more than 100,000 shots. But I am also very critical of how Nikon has proposed the Nikon 1]

  13. True, Photokina is in Europe, so the Nikon comments reflected a European angle on the market shares.

    However, there was a comment on the dpreview site from Carey Rose (of dpreview) that implied there could be more information coming when they publish the results of further interviews that were not allowed to be video’d:

    Yossarian1: Thanks for the video but where were the “hard” questions like where is the DL range?, what’s Nikon’s response to the 5D4 and the A99II? and what can we expect to see in the next 6 months from Nikon?

    Carey Rose: We typically save that content for more in-depth interviews with manufacturer execs, since they also usually request not to be filmed. More info is coming!

  14. There is no reason to believe from these statements that the Nikon 1 will continue to be sold in the U.S. Or that anything other than the J5 will survive anywhere. You read these blandishments as suggesting the glass is over half full. I think they suggest froth at the bottom of the glass.

    1. These interviews sound encouraging enough. In particular, I see no reason to doubt that there have been serious problems with the DL series that lead to a delay of the launch date (My translation: “problems with the processor unit. Software solutions were not satisfying. Thus it meant for us: back to the drawing board.”).

      Regarding the Nikon 1 – no, they don’t say explicitly that new cameras or lenses are presently developed. But the general message is very positive. Let’s wait for the DL cameras that will come next year. Then Nikon will draw its own conclusions and develop the Nikon 1 system in the best possible direction.

      What I like most in the J5: that it is so different from my V2. Nikon apparently has the courage to experiment and try out new ideas. I like it.

    2. Hi Bill,

      All my article points out is that some Nikon executives have stated publically that the Nikon 1 system will not be abandoned.

      Your points are well taken. At this point we do not know about future products and what type of marketing Nikon may use for the Nikon 1 system. The ‘Americas’ digital camera market in terms of overall global size currently ranks third behind Europe and Asia. The uptake of mirror-less cameras in the Americas has lagged behind other global markets. The ‘Americas’ ranks fourth in mirror-less sales of the four major global markets measured by CIPA. So, what Nikon decides to do with mirror-less cameras in the ‘Americas’ remains to be seen.

      The fact that the J5 is doing very well in Europe is an important factor given that Europe so far in 2016 is the largest digital camera market, with about 900,000 more unit sales in Europe than in the Americas (i.e. 4 million vs. 3.1 million units). Those of us who live in the ‘Americas’ often think that we are the most important market globally and that products will be developed to meet our specific needs. In terms of the development of digital cameras Europe and Asia are more important than the Americas to camera manufacturers, and the market in Japan is also very significant given its relative size (i.e. about 2 million units so far in 2016) and small geographic footprint. Consumer needs in those markets will likely guide the development of future digital cameras more than will the needs of us in the ‘Americas’.


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