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Egret Taking Flight at 60 FPS

I must admit that I have become increasingly intrigued with trying to photograph birds in flight at 60 frames per second. This fast frame rate setting isn’t something that I would use all the time, but I think it is something that I may use more frequently as I get more practice with it. For situations where I want a ‘specific moment capture’ this frame rate will come in handy. This short article shares the first 10 frames from an image run of an egret taking flight at 60 FPS. The 10 consecutive images that follow were captured in 1/6th of a second. Continue reading Egret Taking Flight at 60 FPS

Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

This short article features some images of a New Zealand fur seal and its pup, captured hand-held at Surat Bay New Zealand during our month-long March 2018 field trip. While I did photograph a few other specimen that were on this same stretch of beach, this mother and pup at Surat Bay were one of the highlights of our trip. Continue reading Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

A treasure trove of little lizards

Many of us who are fortunate enough to live in or visit warmer climates have seen small lizards scurrying about. These little critters can make intriguing subjects for photographs if we can find a way to get close enough to them. I was able to capture a few images of small lizards with my Nikon 1 gear during a recent one-week trip to Cuba. Continue reading A treasure trove of little lizards

Zoom lenses to create a Nikon 1 Trinity

Regardless of the camera format that I’ve owned I’ve always preferred to use zoom lenses for still photography. Since I now shoot exclusively with the Nikon 1 system I thought it may be fun to write an article on my pick of lenses for an ‘unofficial’ Nikon 1 trinity. Continue reading Zoom lenses to create a Nikon 1 Trinity

Capturing images of geese in flight

Capturing images of geese in flight is often how many photographers begin to develop their BIF technique.  Geese make ideal subjects since they are large, slower flying birds. Their flight patterns tend to be in reasonably straight lines and they often announce their approach with a chorus of honking, allowing us to get prepared to take some photographs of them. Continue reading Capturing images of geese in flight

Wheels of Yesteryear

If you’re a fan of American cars made from the 1940’s through the 1970’s, and you find yourself in the Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) area, you may want to visit Wheels of Yesteryear. This is a private automobile collection of Paul and Carol Cummings which has been on display in Myrtle Beach since the fall of 2009. Continue reading Wheels of Yesteryear